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Thank you for your donation at the

2016 AWSC National Specialty and Hunt Tests!

The Club is very grateful to the many companies and individuals that supported the 2016 Nationals.  Your support for this event and the American Water Spaniel Breed is very much appreciated and valued.   Your contributions have allowed us to continue our mission to support and improve the health and welfare of the American Water Spaniel.  Thank you! 

The Club would also like to thank the donors to the opening night Beverage Auction.  This new addition to the opening night of Nationals is shaping up to be a great way for members to get acquainted and reacquainted, share their favorite local beverages and support the club.

Last, and certainly not least, the Club would like to thank the folks who donated their time, expertise, and muscle to make Nationals a success. Nationals couldn’t happen without you.

Generous Donations were received from the following corporations in 2016:

  • Dokken Dog Supply
  • Drs Foster and Smith
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Gun Dog Supply
  • Mars Petcare
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Oak Creek Kennel
  • Purina
  • Wysong

Individual Donors this year included: 

  • Art and Evelyn Heun
  • Charlie and Jan Schlatter
  • David and Lois McCracken
  • Debra Parker
  • Frank Schwantner
  • Jesse Goodman
  • Joan Meester
  • John and Pat Enman
  • John and Sharren Rose
  • Jon and Linda Hattrem
  • Kevin and Hope Smith
  • Lola Thorsness
  • Martha Sbarbori
  • Marty and Susan Lesnick
  • Michael and Lisa Zarlenga
  • Mike and Karen Dismer
  • Pat and Jennifer Oldenburg
  • Patty St. Onge
  • Ralph Baker and Avis Prior
  • Rob and Sue Goodman
  • Sue Liemohn
  • Tim and Linda McGrath